Friday, November 11, 2011

Reunited and it Feels So Good

Well, hello again.

I decided that it was necessary to blog about some of the updates that have happened around here since they relate to people whom relate to Guyana.

So, to begin, Jessica, one of my roommates in Guyana, got married! Hooray!

Their first dance was to Bachata, nice!

The reception

The wedding was October 21, 2011 in Elizabethville Pennsylvania which I was happy to attend and be present at this special occasion.

Of course it was a blast getting to be reunited with Jessica and Dania again (and in such a different setting!) and to finally meet Michael (a.k.a "Mikey") that I had only heard so much of and who had only a voice over Skype until this point. Come to find out, he thought the same of me too, ha!

It's a Mikey!

Dania and I wore our Saris as a way to 'represent' our time serving where the need is great in Guyana. We were also the guestbook attendants.

At the end, it was tears of joy and sadness as Jessica and Mike, me and Dania parted ways.

I have recently received a couple of emails from Jess, who by the way, is now permanently living in Dominican Republic (where Mike has been living and serving for the last 3 years) and she is adjusting well to the culture and language. Can't wait to go visit her!

Go Jess!

Now, that's not where the story ends. The day after the wedding I flew back to Portland, but I wasn't alone ... Dania came with me! Yes, for two weeks Dania was in the Pacific Northwest visiting and I'm still recuperating from all our activities:

The first four days of her trip we drove out to the Oregon coast and stayed in a small apartment which was perfect considering all the traveling and dancing we did at the wedding.

The Pacific Ocean at Newport Beach, Oregon

We got to see the sunset a couple times, which for Dania was a treat, as she lives on the East coast and doesn't get to see the sunset over the ocean.

After the coast, we were back in Portland and had plans to do some fun group activities:

80's music night!
Hawaiian karaoke night!

Other things we did that first week was have friends over for lunch and served breakfast and later played Frisbee in our pajamas.

The second week was showing Dania around the city.

The city of Portland (and Mt. Hood)

Next we went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Technology) which features a variety of hands-on exhibits focused on natural sciences, industry, and technology.

After meeting that week we also went to Portland City Grill which is a restaurant located in downtown Portland and on the 30th floor of the building. Its a beautiful view of the city.

Finally Dania's last day had arrived and we had a dance/karaoke party at a brother's house to send her home with bang! So, there you have it. From flying to Pennsylvania for Mike & Jessica's wedding to Dania coming out to Portland, it was about 3 weeks of non-stop travel and fun. I can't wait for round two! (Jessica and Mike?....)