Sunday, September 16, 2012

mic check, mic check 1, 2, this thing on?

It sure has been a while since I updated my blog, but at last I have something worth sharing. I hope you enjoy the following photos and brief descriptions of the activities of the summer!

To start things off, you may remember Dania was one of my roommates for my last 3 months in Guyana. Well in April, she drove 2,000 miles across the country from Pennsylvania to Oregon to live here!

We have two other roommates and it’s very encouraging to live in a house where we are all striving to serve Jehovah to our fullest. One of our roommates, a regular pioneer, had the privilege of attending the international convention in Ireland and the other (started regular pioneering in September!) went to work unassigned territory with her congregation last month.

Most recently, a group from my congregation (15 of us!) went to Burley Idaho to help the local congregation with their seldom worked territory. This was a completely new experience for me because 1) I had never been to Idaho 2) the territory was very rural and 3) the major religion in that area is Mormon. We were there for a week and by the end of the trip I had so much fun and the congregation was so warm and kind that I didn’t want to leave!

The drive from Oregon to Idaho is 10 hours, but because we left late Friday evening, we stopped for the night in Baker City Oregon and the next day got to a little sightseeing. 

The house we stayed at:

After the public talk and Watchtower study on Sunday we relaxed with 
food & music before the start of the exciting week ahead.

 Monday: First day of field service in Burley Idaho!

Figuring out the territory and dividing it was a long process, but 
eventually it got all worked out.

 Dania and I took the first door. I was a bit nervous but the householder was 
very nice and I got to read her a scripture!

On Tuesday night, a few from our group were able to give parts on the 
Theocratic Ministry School and Service meeting:

And as a treat we all went out after for frozen yogurt! ...which was delicious.
(New York cheese cake frozen yogurt with coconut sprinkles and cheese cake chunks!)

More beautiful scenary the next day in field service:

We preached to anyone who would listen:
(I don't think he was interested...)

A very friendly cow indeed!

Territory in Elba:

Sightseeing after field service at the City of Rocks:

Thursday was our last day of field service and we were invited over for dinner by some in the Spanish congregation:

Dania put on a show for them and she rocked it acoustic style!

By the end of the week, we were all tired but we had such a wonderful time that we could have easily stayed another week. 

Other fun events of the summer:
Road trip to Vancouver British Columbia.:

 Seattle Washington day trip:

 Dania's Portland musical debut in “D# & the Wedding Bandits" 
for a dear couple's 20th wedding anniversary:

Gearheart, Oregon Bonfire:

Flicks on the Bricks in our backyard: 
1979 The Muppets Movie

Elder appreciation garden dinner, also in our backyard:

Until the next adventure!