Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guyana-Portland Reunion

For some time, Dania and I had been inviting our friend Josh, who served with us in Guyana (read his Guyana blog here), to come and visit Portland...and he finally did! We had a blast catching up with him after two years. We showed him around Portland, took a day trip to Seattle and arranged to have a Guyana Reunion dinner with some of our other friends who have also served in Guyana. So here are some photos of the weeks activities, and some familiar faces, I hope you enjoy them!
Portland Arrival: Picked up Josh and his brother and hung out and had dinner with Mike and Lara (read their Guyana blog here). 

Seattle Day Trip: The following day we took a short road trip up to Seattle Washington. It was such beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest! 

We walked around the city, saw some tourist attractions such a Pike's Market and the pier...

...the Space Needle, Experience Music Project

...Fremont Troll, and of course, the Gum Wall :-) 

Our Portland activities consisted of a lot of sights, so I will share the highlights. First off, we took them 'round the city, which I always love to show off to people who visit. It's such a great city! Dania showed off her musical side with singing with Def Jazz at Family Band Night. And because it was ridiculously hot that week, we went out on boat with a few of our friends on the Columbia River. 

Oh, and we were easily entertained in a photo booth.

photo booth madness

And finally, Guyana reunion time!

We were all super excited and happy to see each other, but no one was as excited or happy to see each other than Joshua and Michael...

L-R: Dania, me, Michael, Josh, Lara's mom, Lara, Faith and Abi

There were a lot of pictures, videos, memories and experiences shared, for example Josh telling us about how he and and Tom got lost in the middle of no where Guyana while they were in the ministry only to find their way back by accidentally stumbling onto a cricket field while there was a match in progress. 

I, of course, shared the story of Dania on the edge a panic attack (...some where in the background I heard Dania saying "Oooo, noooo!") before boarding the government boat to Orealla. I love that story. (sorry Dania).

Faith and Abi had some really cool photos and unique experiences since they served in the ASL while they were there. All in all it was a great evening!

Michael and Lara go back to Guyana at the end of the month, Faith is in the middle of getting sorted to go very soon and Josh is planning his third trip back for December. Dania and I still have the desire to go back some day soon!   

Guyana still needs lots of help so if you are looking to expand your ministry to serve where there is a GREAT need, consider Guyana! It's a beautiful country with lots warm and friendly people.

I hope you've enjoyed reading!